Kurt Yacko and Jaime Kuntz Rehearsal Dinner Party

October 2014

I live in Southern California and my son was getting married to a young lady from Whitefish in October 2014. As the grooms parents, we were responsible for the rehearsal dinner and could not have been happier to do it. It seemed that each venue we looked at could not accommodate us for one reason or another. We were really running out of time when someone recommended Crush located in the heart of downtown Whitefish. I loved the place the moment I walked in. Megan, the owner was an absolute pleasure to do business with. She helped us find a caterer and allowed us to move the furniture around as necessary for our occasion. She even took care of arranging the linens, the set up and other details since I had to go back to California. The communication from California with Megan was easy - she was always prompt and responsive and eased any worries I might have had.


When the day arrived, the rehearsal party walked in (the church was just a block away) to a scene of white linen tables arranged beautifully and the interior design of Crush was all the decoration needed for this unforgettable party. The bartenders were helpful and friendly, the background music complimented our dinner nicely, and the stage and microphones were in perfect working order for our toasts. We truly could not have had a better evening. I would recommend Crush for any type of get-together, party, dinner, meeting, etc., It can be as casual or formal as the occasion calls for. It is centrally located and the experienced staff are dependable and fun to work with.


Whenever we are in Montana we love going to Crush. Therefore, when we decided to get married in Whitefish, Crush was our first choice for a rehearsal reception. Since the wedding was a destination for the majority of our guests, we decided to make it one big party and invited all wedding guests to the celebration.


Crush's new décor gave the event the perfect eclectic, rustic-chic vibe we were going for, and served as a great backdrop for our photos. Megan was very helpful and accommodating to our needs. Since we live out of town we had to trust that it would all work out without being on the ground to see everything in action. Megan, Dillon and the bar staff did a fantastic job of helping us plan (everything from choosing wines to serve, to picking a playlist) and making the night of the event a fun party for everyone.


Megan recommended a caterer who we hired and we couldn't have been happier with the food. We had a slide show that displayed on the large projection, as well as the small screens throughout Crush so everyone had a good view. The photo booth was a hit with guests and resulted in some very funny photos.


Our guests were having such a great time, most stayed after our event ended. If it weren't for the wedding, we would have too! We couldn't have been happier with the rehearsal party and feel lucky to have been able to host it at Crush.


September 19, 2013

We chose Crush in downtown Whitefish to host a cocktail party for our out-of-town guests after our wedding rehearsal.  We liked the central location of the bar, loved the décor, and Megan seemed very accommodating to what our plans were for the party.  We were a little nervous because we live in North Carolina and most of the planning took place 2000 miles away, but hoped all would go well.


We couldn’t have asked for a better result.  We had a party of nearly 100 people, and our guests had an incredible time.  The atmosphere was perfect to allow people to mingle and get to know each other before the wedding the following day.  There was just enough seating for people to sit and talk, and we had food catered in that was located conveniently at one end of the bar.  Dylan and the bar staff did an incredible job of keeping everyone happy, and Megan was a dynamo getting everything setup to our liking.  You felt like the staff was having as much fun as the guests, and the photo booth was a huge hit with everyone.  Best of all, when the private party ended at 9pm and the public was let in, most of the guests just stayed and kept the party going, especially when the live music started.


I can’t recommend Megan and her staff at Crush highly enough for hosting a private party.  The fun atmosphere and friendly accommodating staff will make any get together a great time.

Ted Koutlas & Natalie Cooper

Grace Conklin (california)